MNHN-SO-2023-3257 Ranitomeya amazonica MNHN-SO-2023-3255 An. coluzzii // Male mosquito swarm / essaim de moustiques mâles (labo)
Credit : Lionel Feugère

An. coluzzii // Male mosquito swarm / essaim de moustiques mâles (terrain / field)

The sound frequencies below 150 Hz (noise) were filtered out.

mosquitoes moustiques essaim swarm Anopheles gambiae Anopheles Rizière Bama
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Scientific publication

Feugère, L., Gibson, G., Manoukis, N. C., Roux, O. (2021), Supplementary materials. from Mosquito sound communication: are male swarms loud enough to attract females? The Royal Society. Journal contribution.

Liste des espèces

  • Anopheles coluzzii


  • Date of recording October 05, 2017 18:00 (Night)
  • Location of recording Milieu naturel
  • Localisation
  • Temperature 28 °C
  • Behavioural context Swarming flight sound of thousands of wild male An. coluzzii
  • Habitat Above visual 'swarm' marker
  • Habitat description Village VK5, Bama, Burkina Faso, 11°23'17.5"N 4°24'27.0"W, 10th of October 2017. Recording at sunset (18h-19h). The directional microphone was located at a distance of about 1 meter from the swarm, pointing at 45° from the floor toward the swarm. BEhind the swarm is the rice field and some trees. Very humid air.
  • Comments Swarm fundamental frequency is 770 Hz ± 100 Hz at -3dB. Swarm fundamental and first harmonics can be heard and are visible on spectrogram. A laboratory sound recording of An. coluzzii originated from the same location can be found at