MNHN-SO-2019-216 Aegimia maculifolia (2) MNHN-SO-2019-214 Aegimia elongata (3)
Credit : Tony Robillard

Aegimia maculifolia (1)

Phaneropterinae appel
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Aegimia maculifolia Dias, Rafael and Naskrecki, 2012

ter Hofstede, H.M., Symes, L., Martinson, S.J., Robillard, T., Faure, P., Madhusudhana, S., Page, R.A. Calling songs of Neotropical katydids (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) from Panama. Journal of Orthoptera Research.

  • Mode of identification Etude du spécimen
  • Degree of certainty (%) 100 %


  • Date of recording April 06, 2011 (Night)
  • Location of recording Laboratory
  • Localisation
  • Temperature 25.4 °C
  • Behavioural context appel
  • Comments 17 wav files Recordings were filtered with the inverse of the microphone frequency response to correct amplitudes of frequency components